The New Zealand Dementia Foundation fosters co-operation and collaboration amongst professionals who are passionate about advancing approaches to dementia care in New Zealand. The more there are of us, the better our chances of achieving our aims.

Wherever you work, whatever your background, we invite you to join us. It is free to join, simply fill out and submit the registration form.

Join us to join the information loop. The NZDF shares information, education, and knowledge exchange to inspire and strengthen best practice. As a member, you will receive an update every month, be informed about developments in dementia care around New Zealand, receive email notification of web portal posts in your areas of interest, and have the opportunity to participate in webinars and other activities.

Join us to add your voice.The NZDF was created as a voice for the sector. As a sector wide organisation with hundreds of members from a range of professional roles we  have a unique role in advocacy and consultation, in collaboration with other dementia-focused organisations.   

Join us to join the discussion: We passionately believe that sharing all the community’s knowledge and experience strengthens the sector. Join the discussion, with blogs, forums, groups, and more.

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