A good day is one where we are comfortable with continence.

Staying continent for as long as possible is something that we all want to do. People living with dementia may need extra help from you to make this possible.

This month's big idea is Continence. We want to facilitate this via three fundamental techniques that all work together:

  • The Person Comes First
  • Understanding the Steps 
  • Problem-Solving Together

Continence issues are common as dementia progresses and can be particularly challenging to caregiving relationships. In the past, we probably tended to accept any continence difficulties as just part of the dementia illness, “Oh well, they are incontinent – we manage that with incontinence products”. But now we realise that we can do a lot of problem-solving to help promote continence for many people.

This month we invite you to join us for a presentation about continence. This 30-minute presentation comes from our Dementia STARs programme. You can find out more about Dementia STARs here.

Dementia STARs: Continence

Presenter: Dr Susan Gee

Length: 30 Minutes


Note: click the bottom right of the frame to view the video full screen