Resources to inspire great support for people living with dementia around diagnosis

Assessment, diagnosis, early intervention and ongoing support

“People can be reluctant to go to the doctor when they are worried that they may have dementia. The benefits of diagnosis are not clear to them. But appropriate support in the early stages can have a very significant impact on the degree to which someone will be able to manage the condition over time and live independently. Timely diagnosis enables people to plan ahead while they still have capacity to do so. It means they can get early and effective access to interventions and support to sustain their wellbeing and quality of life. Good post-diagnostic support helps them to adjust to the diagnosis and its likely impact, both practically and emotionally, and enables them to plan for future care and support.” (NHS, 2014) 
In this section, you will find links to a variety of freely accessible resources about support around diagnosis related to: 

Advance care planning

Importance of early diagnosis

Support after diagnosis

Supported decision-making and capacity