Covid and Care: Lessons for supporting people living with dementia in the time of Delta

Date of webinar: 2 December 2021 

Length: 45 minutes

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The Delta variant is making its way to a workplace near you. 
Join us for a timely and important conversation with professionals who have 'been through it already'.
Our panel share their experiences and the lessons they have learned from the front-line about caring for people living with dementia when Covid-19 is a clear and present danger:
Anna Williams - Rosewood / CDHB response
Cara Kelly - Amberlea / CHT response 
Jo Hathaway - Rosewood / CDHB response
Lara Hitchcock - Rosewood / CDHB response
Linda Dubbledum - Gladys Mary / BUPA response
Tina Lock - St Margaret's / CHT response