Welcome to Dementia STARs®

Come and join the Dementia STARs journey with your team to reinforce great person-centred dementia care at your place.

Dementia STARs stands for Short Trainings in Awareness and Responsiveness. 
We are delighted to offer eight Dementia STARs modules, each introducing a person-centred approach to a key element of care when supporting people living with dementia. For each module we offer a facilitator's kit with all the resources needed to run an engaging education session, and we also offer a pre-recorded webinar. The content is pitched at a level that will be comfortable for all staff, especially kaiawhina (support-workers  / care-givers).
It is free to register to access the resources.

These Dementia STARs education kits are a partnership between the New Zealand Dementia Foundation and the CHT Healthcare Trust Aged Care Fund. The CHT Healthcare Trust Aged Care Fund provides grants for projects that aim to improve the wellbeing of older people through access to care, research into their needs, and workforce development. 

We are proud to fund the NZ Dementia Foundation’s development and delivery of Dementia STARs and believe these resources will make a real difference to the lives of people living with dementia and those who care for them.

- Carriann Hall, Chief Executive, CHT Healthcare Trust


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