Explore 12 different evidence-based factors that can help promote brain health and lower the risk of dementia

This 2021 project was inspired by the release of an important document summarising what is currently known about brain health and dementia prevention: the Lancet Commission’s 2020 report “Dementia prevention, intervention and care.” The Lancet report was commissioned by one of the world’s leading medical journals from an international panel of leading dementia scientists and clinical experts. You can read the report by clicking on the link below: 

Read the report

Each blog provides information about a different evidence-based method of promoting brain health and lowering the risk of dementia. Because these ideas are good for our general health and well-being, not just for our brain health, they also form part of best-practice advice for people living with dementia. However, the scientific evidence that taking these steps will improve the symptoms of people living with dementia is not available.

A key point that it is very important to bear in mind is that the scientific data shows each of these factors is associated with the risk of dementia on a population level, but this does not necessarily mean that taking (or not taking) these steps will prevent (or cause) dementia on an individual level. None of us can know the future of our own brain health or the brain health of people we care about. What we can say is that taking these steps seriously will lower our chance of developing a dementia illness later in life.

We warmly thank the experts who contributed to these blogs. We hope this information will be interesting and inspire you to improve the health of your own brain as well as benefit the people you come into contact with in your work.