We are the New Zealand Dementia Foundation

We are an independent, national organisation connecting professionals to promote best practice dementia care through leadership in the areas of research, education, support, advocacy and influence.

The New Zealand Dementia Foundation exists to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. We do this by supporting the dementia workforce to do their best work: 

     We support the supporters 

     We champion the champions 

     We work for the workforce 

     We influence the influencers 

     We educate the educators 

     We care for caring professionals

We were previously known as the New Zealand Dementia Cooperative. We began in November 2011 as a grassroots initiative, a coming together of a wide range of people who shared the same overarching goal of improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers/family/whanau. Enthusiasm soon spread with many people quickly recognizing its potential, and the membership numbers grew quickly. In 2020 we became the New Zealand Dementia Foundation.


We believe

We believe in the global dementia charter “I can live well with dementia”

We believe that the dementia sector has the potential and responsibility to help ensure that people live well with dementia at all stages of the dementia journey.

We believe that with your support the New Zealand Dementia Foundation can help the sector to fulfil this potential, to best support people living with dementia now and in the future.

We do

We link, we speak

The New Zealand Dementia Foundation was created as a voice for the sector. As a sector wide organisation we provide knowledge brokerage, a collective voice, and a networked community with hundreds of members from a range of professional roles.

We lead, we look to the future

We provide information, education, and knowledge exchange to inspire and strengthen best practice. We influence service planning and practice development.