What is the research radar?

This Research Radar bibliography provides a handy reference resource for anyone who wants to find out about local research about dementia.

Our Research Radar focuses on 21st century research that has been conducted in New Zealand or with New Zealand data that has been published as articles, book chapters, or reports. New Zealand researchers are also involved in research conducted overseas, but those articles will generally not be included here.

If the full article is publically available for free, a link is provided. Otherwise a librarian will be able to access the full article for a charge.

If you are aware of research or would like to share your own research that is not yet included please contact us.

Find New Zealand research about dementia

Awareness and attitudes

Prevalence and economic impact

Workforce and services

Cognitive changes

Neurological processes

Prevention, risks, and causes

Assessment tools

Diagnosing dementia

Driving and capacity

Death and dying with dementia

Diverse experiences

Health challenges in dementia

Living with dementia


Interventions and activities


Professional care and staff training