A good day is one where we are confident when facing delirium.

If we can spot the trigger for the delirium and get on top of it, the delirium itself will often clear up in a few days. However, delirium is serious for people living with dementia.

This month's big idea is Delirium and Dementia. We want to be able to spot delirium when it arises and be confident when it does. There are three fundamental concepts to help with this:

  • Suspect. We want to be able to suspect delirium if a person suddenly experiences changes.
  • Support. We want to support people if they do develop delirium.
  • Help. We want to prevent delirium from occurring in the first place.

This month we invite you to join us for a presentation about delirium. This 35-minute presentation comes from our Dementia STARs programme. You can find out more about Dementia STARs here.

Delirium is a serious and common condition. It can be thought of as an acute brain failure. People living with dementia have a much greater risk of developing delirium. In this session, we cover how to Suspect, Support and prevent delirium.

Dementia STARs: Delirium

Presenter: Dr Susan Gee

Length: 35 Minutes


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