A good day focuses on moving confidently and avoiding falls.

People with dementia are at significantly more risk of injuries caused by falling because of the cognitive and physical changes they are undertaking. We want our loved ones to be able to move confidently during this time, and we can make this a reality by focusing on three key ideas:

  • Moving
    • Encouraging exercise
    • Being open to opportunities to move
    • Addressing anxieties about movement
  • Improving
    • Thinking about the needs of the person
    • Improving the way we work with mobility aids
    • Considering the risks of their medication
  • Removing
    • Unsuitable footwear (anything floppy, for example)
    • Things that may cause slipping
    • Reasons to reach

It is essential that people get into the habit of looking before they leave somewhere and ensuring that when falls do happen, we learn from them for next time. When we do this, we can help the person move with more confidence in the future.

This month we invite you to join us for a presentation that looks at these ideas around movement. This 35-minute presentation comes from our Dementia STARs programme. You can find out more about Dementia STARs here.

Dementia STARs Falls and Dementia

Presenter: Dr Susan Gee

Length: 35 Minutes


Note: click the bottom right of the frame to view the video full screen