A good day engages all our senses.

We experience and engage with our world through our senses. Dementia and age-related changes mean that many people living with dementia are also living with sensory impairments and processing challenges.

This month's big idea is sensory modulation. Sensory modulation is about modifying the intensity and type of sensory input to help a person be in the 'just right' zone. Too little sensory input and we may feel bored, flat, or tired. Too much sensory input and we may feel anxious or overwhelmed.  Thinking about how we can make the
most of sensory experiences can be an opportunity to add pleasure and joy into the day and to bring comfort and reduce stress.

This month we invite you to join us for a presentation about sense and dementia that introduces a sensory modulation approach. This 35-minute presentation comes from our Dementia STARs programme. You can find out more about Dementia STARs here.

Dementia STARs Senses and Dementia

Presenter: Dr Susan Gee

Length: 35 minutes


Note: click the bottom right of the frame to view the video full screen