Covid and Care webinar

By NZDF on 17/08/2021

Watch the Covid and Care webinar from December 2021

On the Same Page - Contented Dementia Book Review

By Kristen Phillips on 17/08/2021

This is the second in a series of book reviews from Kristen Phillips. Reading about other people’s experiences helped Kristen emotionally and practically around her father’s illness. Her hope is that these reviews will raise awareness of the ever-increasing number of books (fiction and non-fiction) available to support and educate those of us affected by dementia.

Contented Dementia
(Vermilion, Random House, 2009)
Oliver James
286 pages

‘Today, I know that the disability created by dementia does not have to be hellish, that it truly is possible to create well-being for the rest of the person’s life.’
(Introduction p1)

The Learning List - November 2021

By Lara Hitchcock on 17/08/2021

Lara Hitchcock, Registered Nurse with the Memory Assessment Clinic at Burwood Hospital, shares a selection of dementia and delirium education resources from the past month.

New online support resource for carers

By Kathy Peri on 17/08/2021

Caring for someone living with dementia can be both very rewarding and extremely stressful, mentally and physically. Becoming emotionally involved as a carer means we take our role very seriously, but that dedication can also lead to us devoting more time and energy to the person they are supporting than to themselves.

That’s why it is so important that care partners have access to good support services and resources. The Alzheimers NZ,  Dementia Learning Centre have developed a new online Caring for the Carers programme that helps care partners take better care of themselves.