Blog: Researching views on assisted dying

By Deborah Balmer and colleagues on 5/02/2020

Dr Rosemary Frey, Dr Deborah Balmer, and Ms Katherine Nelson from the University of Auckland are seeking people aged 60+ to answer a questionnaire on views about assisted dying.

Blog: Safer walking

By Clare Teague on 5/02/2020

Clare Teague from LandSAR (Land Search And Rescue New Zealand ) discusses the importance of safe walking for people living with dementia and New Zealand's own Wandatrack programme.

Blog: Person-centred care and Tom Kitwood’s legacy

By Matthew Croucher on 5/02/2020

Dr Matthew Croucher reviews the new edition of Tom Kitwood's influential book "Dementia Reconsidered.  The Person Comes First".

Blog: "Give them the information that they need to go forward.”

By Lara Hitchcock on 5/02/2020

Memory clinic nurse Lara Hitchcock asked people living with dementia and their supporters about what information they wanted at diagnosis. Here Lara shares the results of her study.