Music and dementia resources launched

By NZDF on June 23, 2020

A new website and free resources from the BBC focus on the uplifting potential of music for people living with dementia.

Dancing with dementia

By NZDF on May 29, 2020

A University of Auckland study aims to use dance as a means of combating dementia.

Why poetry works for people living with dementia

By Julie Bourla on May 13, 2020

Julie Bourla discusses how poetry is an excellent way of connecting people, and has shown itself to be a powerful approach to reconnecting with people who are having difficulty communicating.

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra engages with people living with dementia

By NZDF on March 15, 2020

For people with dementia, music can be a useful tool to help them connect with others and reduce social isolation. Flourish, a new initiative by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Dementia Canterbury, aims to do just that.