Quick Quiz - TV Detectives

By Barry Prince on 17/08/2021

The Quizmaster, Barry Prince (83) is aware of the irony of asking quiz questions of the AD community, when many of them suffer from memory problems, but explains: “My family member suffering from AD has wonderful memories about life in the 20th century, but struggles to recall what happened in the big netball tournament last week. Accordingly, I have selected quick quizzes from the archive that are focused on people and events before the new millennium.”
Each of the Quick Quizzes is confined to 10 questions a single subject – pop music, films, celebrities, history, and geography, for example. There aren’t any questions about politics or science – Barry says anyone who missed Chemistry and Physics at college won’t be handicapped. Most of the questions are about things that happened in the 20th century.

Dementia mate wareware action plan update

By NZDF on 5/02/2020

We are pleased to release our updated Dementia/Mate Wareware Action Plan.

Dementia Action Plan for NZ

By NZDF on 5/02/2020

We are very pleased to share with you the newly launched Dementia Action Plan for NZ. 

We can't just do what we have always done

By Shereen Moloney on 5/02/2020

Shereen Moloney, the Executive Director of the New Zealand Dementia Foundation, calls for the resources to help people living with dementia to live well.