Dementia STARs launch

By NZDF. Published on 31/8/2022

On 1 September, the first day of World Alzheimers Awareness Month, the New Zealand Dementia Foundation launched a major new educational initiative: Dementia STARs

The Dementia STARs name stands for "Short Trainings in Awareness and Responsiveness", and the project offers eight free educational resource kits that are offered free, thanks to a substantial grant from the CHT Aged Care Fund.

The downloadable kits are produced locally by skilled dementia educators. Each kit includes all that is need for a facilitator to run an engaging interactive inhouse-education session with a facilitator guide, Powerpoint resources with short video segments, a printable infographic, and links to further resources. There is also a pre-recorded 'webinar style' video of the content.

Dr Matthew Croucher, Psychiatrist of Old Age and New Zealand Dementia Foundation Chair, says the opportunity to support and educate the workforce will be extended significantly through Dementia STARs.

"Staff are crying out for more information and resources to keep doing their jobs better, so by supporting trainers to upskill their own teams through Dementia STARs, we know we can reach a large workforce that is continually striving to lift their game, using proven techniques interpreted through a local lens."

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