Driving and dementia

By NZDF. Published on 28/4/2023

A new study aims to help understand how can improve the process when GPs assess whether a person living with cognitive impairment is safe to drive. The researchers will use this information to help develop resources that are appropriate for Aotearoa New Zealand.


A group of doctors in Canada have developed a booklet for patients living with dementia and their families and another booklet for GPs. If people in this study like the approach, the booklet could be adapted to be more relevant for Aotearoa New Zealand. Anyone with an interest in supporting older people and / or people living with dementia can take part. The researchers are interested in your views about the current process of assessing safety to drive and how we could best adapt information resources to Aotearoa NZ.


The research team is led by Dr Susan Gee from the New Zealand Dementia Foundation. If you are interested in finding out more, please drop her an email at susang@nzdementia.org

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