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By Barry Prince. Published on 17/2/2022

The quizmaster, Barry Prince (83) is aware of the irony of asking quiz questions of the AD community, when many of them suffer from memory problems, but explains: “My family member suffering from AD has wonderful memories about life in the 20th century, but struggles to recall what happened in the big netball tournament last week. Accordingly, I have selected quick quizzes from the archive that are focused on people and events before the new millennium.”
Each of the Quick Quizzes is confined to 10 questions a single subject – pop music, films, celebrities, history, and geography, for example. There aren’t any questions about politics or science – Barry says anyone who missed Chemistry and Physics at college won’t be handicapped. Most of the questions are about things that happened in the 20th century. For example, pop hits by The Beatles, Beach Boys, and Abba, and such blockbuster films as Lawrence of Arabia,  The Godfather, and Dr. Zhivago.



By what name did these real or fictional characters become well known?

Example:  The lead singer of the mega-successful pop-group Queen was born Farrokh Bulsara, but the world knew him as Freddie Mercury

Ten individuals that you’ll have stumbled across in books, films, and on TV


1.      The singer Elvis Presley


2.      West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding


3.      The unspeakable Margaret Thatcher


4.      American general Norman Schwarzkopf


5.      Pop singer Georgios Panayiotou


6.      Comedy actor Phil Silvers


7.      Actor as a surgeon in MASH Alan Alda 


8.      Hawai’i-born pop singer Peter Gene Hernandez


9.      Glamorous Hollywood star Norma Jean Mortenson


10.  Fictional rescuer of French nobility Sir Percy Blakeney



Scroll down for the answers

















1.      Elvis Presley – The King

2.      Michael Holding – Whispering Death

3.      Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Maiden

4.      Norman Schwarzkopf – Stormin’ Norman

5.      Georgios Panayiotou – George Michael

6.      Phil Silvers – Sergeant Bilko

7.      Alan Alda – Hawkeye Pierce

8.      Hawai’i-born pop singer – Bruno Mars

9.      Norma Jean Mortensen – Marilyn Monroe

10.  Sir Percy Blakeney – The Scarlet Pimpernel


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