Ruby's Choice film

By NZDF. Published on 5/8/2022

A new Australian film focusing on a family’s experience of dementia opened in New Zealand cinemas on 4 August.

It has been a positive development over recent years to see the impact of dementia being increasing visible in a range of films.

The Ruby of the title is Golden Globe Winner Jane Seymour, playing a charismatic widow living with dementia who moves in with her family following a fire risk incident. The film follows the  experience of three generations of strong women in the family, including the lovely grand daughter as she spends more time with Ruby.  The big decision of the title is where Ruby will live. 

Ruby’s Choice provides a heart-warming and affirming perspective on a person living with dementia valued and enjoyed within their family. The Director, Michael Budd,  has said:

"I was inspired to make Ruby’s Choice having lost my Grandma to dementia and knowing even in her final years she had a lot to offer as a matriarch of our family. I wanted to give Ruby who has dementia an underlying strength that would be highlighted through the course of the film by her interactions with her family."

Ruby's Choice is supporting dementia care with a portion of its profits.




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