Scared but not prepared - NZ Survey

By NZDF. Published on 9/5/2020

91% of New Zealanders are frightened of dementia, according to a survey by Public Trust and Dementia New Zealand released in August 2019.

Nearly 40% of those surveyed say they have actual experience of dementia through knowing someone with the condition and 75% realise the importance of discussing preferred care with family in the case of dementia, yet just 18% have taken one of the most essential steps to ensure this is possible – getting enduring powers of attorney.

Dementia New Zealand CEO Paul Sullivan is keen for New Zealanders to lose the fear – and stigma – associated with dementia and focus on how education and preparation can improve the quality of life for someone with the condition.

“There are many misconceptions around dementia, but it is still a health issue that needs to be confronted head on,” he says.

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